Chinese actress Zheng Shuang ordered to pay $9 million to production company after being canceled

Chinese actress Zheng Shuang

Chinese actress Zheng Shuang was ordered to pay $9 million to a production company after being canceled for her involvement in a scandal involving surrogacy and tax evasion.

In 2016, Zheng Shuang signed a contract with a production company to provide planning services for a television series. The contract included a clause that stated that either party would be in breach if the other party engaged in illegal or unethical behavior that led to the project being canceled.

In 2021, Zheng Shuang was canceled after it was revealed that she had used a surrogate mother to carry two children and then abandoned them. As a result, the television series that she was working on could not be released.

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The production company sued Zheng Shuang for breach of contract, and a court in Shanghai ruled in their favor in July 2023. The court ordered Zheng Shuang to repay the $3.2 million in fees that she had already received, as well as an additional $5.8 million in damages.

The ruling is a significant setback for Zheng Shuang, who is still trying to rebuild her career after being canceled. The amount of money that she is required to pay is also significant, and it is unclear how she will be able to come up with the funds.

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The television series that Zheng Shuang was working on was a collaboration between China and South Korea. It starred Zheng Shuang and South Korean actor Lee Jong Suk.

The ruling in this case is a reminder of the potential consequences for celebrities who engage in illegal or unethical behavior.

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