Huawei Unveils Ultimate Design: Mate 60 RS and More at Fall Event


In an exciting event today, Huawei introduced its new lineup at the Fall Product Launch. During the event, Mr. Yu Chengdong, Huawei’s Executive Director, CEO of the Consumer BG, and Chairman of the Smart Car Solutions BU, unveiled the brand’s new high-end label, “ULTIMATE DESIGN,” with its inaugural product being the Huawei Mate 60 RS from the Ultimate Design collection. It was also announced that the renowned actor, Liu Dehua, would be the brand ambassador for this exciting new line.

Taking on the iPhone 15 Pro Max

Mr. Yu Chengdong emphasized that after years of dedication, Huawei is presenting the culmination of ultimate aesthetics, craftsmanship, and innovation, transitioning from PORSCHE DESIGN to ULTIMATE DESIGN, representing a comprehensive brand upgrade. Reports indicate that the Huawei Mate 60 RS is the latest flagship model, featuring the Kirin 9000S processor, 16GB RAM, 1TB storage, and a ceramic body. The estimated price is expected to be over ten thousand Chinese yuan, offering strong competition to Apple’s latest iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Liu Dehua expressed that he considers himself an ordinary person who works diligently, aspiring to become extraordinary. He shared his encounters with various extraordinary individuals throughout his career, including his first encounter with the extraordinary director, Xu Anhua, when he was just starting out, as well as Lin Zixiang, among others. Liu Dehua praised these individuals for achieving excellence in their respective fields and becoming extraordinary masters of their craft. He believes that Huawei, with its extraordinary products, pays tribute to the extraordinary individuals of our time.

Huawei Smart Glasses 2 with Titanium Frames and 11 Hours of Battery Life

Huawei’s smart glasses, now in their second generation, have been updated with a range of new frame options for consumers. In addition to the regular frameless design, aviator, and square semi-frame, consumers can now choose from 18K gold-plated edge frames or beta titanium streamlined floating frames (the latter weighing only 4.7g). At the same time, Huawei has narrowed the legs of the new model. The built-in dual vibrating film surging unit increases media playback volume by 30%, and the listening battery life has been extended to 11 hours, an 83% increase over the previous generation. Furthermore, these glasses still offer seamless connection with HarmonyOS devices and are compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows systems.

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The frameless, aviator, and square semi-frame versions of Huawei Smart Glasses 2 are priced at 1,699 Chinese yuan (approximately HK$1,820), while the gold optical lenses and titanium optical lenses are priced at 1,899 and 2,299 Chinese yuan (approximately HK$2,030 and HK$2,460) respectively.

Huawei’s New Launch Event Steals the Spotlight

Huawei’s highly anticipated Fall Product Launch took place yesterday afternoon at the Shenzhen Bay Sports Center, with over 2,000 attendees and resounding applause echoing throughout the venue. The event coincided with the second anniversary of the release of Huawei’s Vice Chairman and CFO Meng Wanzhou from Canada and her return to China, making it a significant moment in response to the strict sanctions imposed by the United States. The event introduced eight new products under the new ultra-high-end brand, “ULTIMATE DESIGN,” including the much-anticipated Mate 60 RS, often referred to as the “King of Phones” for Huawei. Hong Kong actor Liu Dehua served as the brand ambassador for this flagship device.

Huawei had previously initiated the “Pioneer Program” and released the Mate 60 Pro+ and the foldable phone Mate X5 ahead of the launch event. Yu Chengdong, Huawei’s Executive Director, CEO of the Consumer BG, and Chairman of the Smart Car Solutions BU, mentioned that since the release of the Huawei Mate 60 series, which received much love from consumers, they have been working tirelessly to meet the high demand. He also mentioned that Huawei’s self-developed operating system HarmonyOS 4 has already been upgraded on 60 million devices, with an additional 1.2 million users joining each day. The new Huawei phones launched this time also run on HarmonyOS 4.

The event showcased eight new Huawei products, including tablets, smartwatches, wireless earbuds, smart displays, and smart glasses. In addition to the two phones that were pre-released, it was announced that Huawei is launching a new ultra-high-end brand, “ULTIMATE DESIGN,” and the highest-end model in Huawei’s flat-panel phones, the Mate 60 RS from the Ultimate Design collection, was officially unveiled. Artist Liu Dehua, who attended the event, shared his understanding of “ULTIMATE DESIGN.” Several years ago, there were photos circulating online showing Liu Dehua using a Huawei smartphone.

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Furthermore, Huawei, which has been actively expanding in the automotive industry in recent years, announced that it will release its first sedan, the “Zhijie S7,” in November. Yu Chengdong stated that the Zhijie S7 will surpass Tesla’s Model S in various specifications. In addition, Huawei will launch the “Wenjie M9” in December, which he describes as the “best SUV under 10 million” and “the best SUV you can see on the road.”

The event generated considerable buzz, with the term “Huawei Launch Event” trending as the number one topic on Weibo. Several related concept stocks in the A-share market also saw significant gains.

The event opened with performances by the China Philharmonic Orchestra and the Youth Symphony Orchestra of the China Conservatory of Music, who performed the song “My Dream” together, marking the beginning of the event with a chorus. At the end of the event, the orchestras returned to the stage, accompanied by Huawei’s research and development team and “Pollen” (Huawei fans), forming the Huawei Choir. Together, they performed a Mandarin version of Beyond’s “Glorious Years.” These song selections were described as interpretations of Huawei’s innovative journey and brought the emotions of the live audience to a climax, making it the “most exciting” launch event in history.

Many view Huawei’s launch of cutting-edge products as a determined response to the stringent sanctions imposed by the United States. This reflects that after several years of effort, China’s high-tech manufacturing technology, represented by chips, has achieved a certain degree of breakthrough. The date of the event, September 25th, also marked the second anniversary of Meng Wanzhou’s release.

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