Dance Moms Cast: From Stardom to Self-Discovery – Where Are They Now?

Dance Moms Cast

As Dance Moms’ beloved star Maddie Ziegler celebrates her 21st birthday, let’s catch up with her and the rest of the cast to see what they’ve been up to since leaving the dance floor behind.

For six seasons, Maddie Ziegler danced her way into our hearts on Dance Moms. She was a true winner, but her journey wasn’t without its challenges. Maddie recently shared her experience, revealing that her former dance teacher, Abby Lee Miller, instilled the belief that only trophies and crowns defined success, even though that’s not the best way to raise a child. She explained how this mindset affected her life and how she’s unlearning those lessons now.

After leaving the show almost a decade ago, Maddie has been on a path of self-discovery, seeking therapy, talking to people, and allowing herself to feel her emotions without fear. She’s also transitioned her perfectionism into a clean and healthy lifestyle. As she celebrates her 21st birthday, Maddie continues to shine, not only as an electropop muse for Sia but also as an actress, author, and more.

Maddie’s not alone in her post-Dance Moms success. The original cast members are still close friends, enjoying the freedom of life without the pressure of the competition. They gather, hang out at each other’s houses, and savor the simple joys of friendship.

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Let’s take a look at what some of the standout cast members have been up to:

Maddie Ziegler:

Maddie has transitioned from dancing to being a renowned actress with appearances in movies like “Music” and “West Side Story.” She’s also ventured into podcasting and dreams of starting her own beauty empire.

Kenzie Ziegler:

Kenzie has moved on from acrobatics and is focusing on her music career. She’s using her music to tell her personal stories and connect with her audience on a deeper level.

Chloe Lukasiak:

Chloe, known for her trophy collection, is back on the dance floor but in a more positive and nurturing environment. She’s launched the Elevé National Dance Competition to reignite her love for dance.

Nia Sioux:

Nia continues to shine in music and acting, and she’s been recognized on Variety’s Young Hollywood Impact Report.

Brooke Hyland:

Brooke now leads group trips and shares her adventures on social media. She also puts her marketing degree to good use with her Bite-Sized Foodie Instagram account.

Paige Hyland:

Paige, a recent college graduate, has been exploring the country with her boyfriend and enjoying life to the fullest.

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Kendall Vertes:

Kendall is still collecting trophies with her college dance team and pursuing acting and singing opportunities, all while amassing a significant following on Instagram.

JoJo Siwa:

JoJo’s fame has skyrocketed with her YouTube following, licensing deals, and appearances on “Dancing With the Stars.” She’s even eyeing a halftime performance at the Super Bowl.

Kalani Hilliker:

Kalani has launched her own beauty line, Kare, and is passionate about promoting mental health and wellness.

Asia Monet Ray:

Asia, though she stepped away from TV at a young age, is thriving. She’s a valedictorian and continues to enjoy success through brand deals and invitations to exclusive events.

Camryn Bridges:

Camryn has danced on bigger stages, performing with renowned artists like Kendrick Lamar and Missy Elliott. She has a promising future ahead.

Brynn Rumfallo:

Brynn has found balance in her life, launching a podcast, documenting her adventures, and inspiring her dance students.

These Dance Moms cast members have grown and evolved since their time on the show, and they continue to inspire us with their journeys of self-discovery and success.

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