Singer Chen Lei Reflects on Recent Performances and Offers Support to Colleagues

Singer Chen Lei Reflects on Recent Performances and Offers Support to Colleagues

Singer Chen Lei and Hong Jiahao attended a cosmetics event in Tsim Sha Tsui today (27th), drawing a crowd of fans to show their support. Chen Lei, who completed four concerts at the Hong Kong Coliseum in early March, embarked on a solo road trip to Kyushu, Japan, enjoying a delightful ten-day journey. She remarked, “Driving there is really convenient; everyone should give it a try.” Senior musician Zhou Qisheng criticized Chen Lei’s singing at the concerts, saying it was “almost out of tune.” Chen Lei admitted to reading reports about the criticism and reflected on it during her trip. She stated, “I know I have a lot of room for improvement, whether it’s performing live or recording. Sometimes it doesn’t meet my own expectations, so I appreciate everyone’s feedback. Even constructive criticism helps me progress.”

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Regarding Nathan, who attempted suicide and was a guest performer at Chen Lei’s concert, she mentioned reaching out to him immediately afterward and receiving a response from him. When asked if she tried to console Nathan, Chen Lei replied, “I’ve always been there for him, offering support and encouragement. (Is his mood unstable?) Too much has happened since the finals, and I believe everyone would be unhappy encountering such situations. My role has always been to provide support and encouragement, trying to ignite his will to face life bravely and take responsibility for himself. (Did you invite him as a guest to help or harm him?) If anyone feels they’ve lost the will to live, the only thing I regret is not trying harder to uplift him.”

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Furthermore, Chen Lei congratulated Gu Naowen, who won the championship in “The Voice of Midlife 2” alongside her from “Asian Star Avenue,” and mentioned that they have stayed in touch for 14 years. When asked if she considered him a late bloomer, she replied, “Past experiences are a good nourishment; maybe you have to go through many ups and downs to achieve today’s results. (Any chance of collaboration?) It’s something to consider.”

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