Brihang, the Belgian Rapper: A Journey of Dreams, Doubts, and Family

Brihang, the Belgian Rapper

In a bustling corner of Schaarbeek, Belgium, where the weekly market comes alive, we meet Brihang, the renowned Belgian rapper. This is not a chance encounter; he’s here as part of a unique tour to promote his latest album, “Droomvoeding,” and we’re excited to catch up with him.

As he walks, Brihang’s eyes light up when he spots a 2-euro coin on the pavement. He swiftly picks it up, cherishing the small moment of good fortune. This is Brihang’s world – a fusion of everyday simplicity and creative depth.

Brihang, whose real name is Boudy Verleye, hails from West Flanders and brings with him a distinctive blend of artistry and market-savvy. He believes that, like market vendors, artists are born with a knack for selling, whether it’s their music or a 2-euro coin found on the ground.

Eddy Wally, a famous Belgian singer, once sold handbags and even his own records at markets, which Brihang finds amusing. He may not have much in common with Wally’s music, but he appreciates the creative aspect of selling one’s art. Brihang’s album artwork is inspired by the blue plastic crates used by market vendors, reflecting the beauty he finds in these everyday objects.

The title of his latest album, “Droomvoeding,” adds another layer to the story. It translates to “dream feeding,” a term used for feeding a baby while they sleep, without waking them. Brihang’s wife introduced him to this concept during their daughter Inti’s infancy. He was struck by the beauty of the word and its deeper meaning. Dreams and ambitions nourish our lives, giving them direction and purpose.

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In “Droomvoeding,” Brihang reflects on how life often takes unexpected turns, a sentiment that resonates with many. The album delves into the struggles of realizing dreams and the way life can deviate from carefully laid plans. It’s a common thread that weaves through the album, capturing the essence of life’s unpredictability.

Yet, despite the doubts and uncertainties, Brihang remains rooted in the simplicity of life. He finds beauty in the ordinary, much like those blue crates he admires. People often praise his lyrics for their depth, but he sees his art as an exploration of simple things, the everyday, the essence of life itself.

As we stroll through the market, Brihang shares his journey from Knokke, where his father ran a skate shop, to Gent, where he pursued a degree in sculpture, and finally to Brussels. The city became the canvas for his artistic expression, a place where he could truly unfold his creative story.

Family has played a significant role in Brihang’s life, with two children – a three-year-old daughter and a newborn son – bringing profound changes. Parenthood reshaped his perspective, adding new layers to his identity. He openly discusses the challenges of balancing his creative pursuits with fatherhood, acknowledging the fatigue and struggles it entails.

In his songs, Brihang grapples with the complexities of fatherhood. He acknowledges the moments when he wished for a simpler life, without the responsibilities that parenting brings. Yet, he also finds hope in the future, believing that, despite the challenges, we can still make the world a better place.

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Brihang’s introspective lyrics often take the form of poetry, a style he embraces wholeheartedly. He views all rappers as poets, their words pure expressions of emotion. He strives to capture raw moments in his music, much like freestylers who must rely on instinct and spontaneity.

His admiration for poetry is evident in his choice of reading material – he often carries “Onbegonnen Werk” by Herman de Coninck, a book of poetry that serves as a personal diary. He also requested poetry books while touring cultural centers, resulting in a collection of thirty books.

“Droomvoeding” marks a shift in his music, with a greater emphasis on the musical aspect. Working with young producer Alois Maddens provided fresh insights and musical depth. One of the album’s standout tracks, “Berg,” beautifully encapsulates the essence of Brihang’s journey, questioning the importance of success and celebrating the simplicity of life.

Success, for Brihang, isn’t about conquering the world but finding contentment in the present. His journey is still unfolding, and while he enjoys the fruits of his artistry, he remains grounded, ever appreciative of the small moments that life offers.

Brihang’s story is a testament to the power of simplicity, the beauty of everyday life, and the ever-evolving journey of self-discovery through music and poetry.

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