‘Happy Gilmore’ Sequel Could Be Teeing Off on Netflix

'Happy Gilmore' Sequel Could Be Teeing Off on Netflix

‘Happy Gilmore’ Sequel Could Be Teeing Off on Netflix: Get ready to yell “Shooter!” again – a sequel to Adam Sandler’s iconic 1996 sports comedy ‘Happy Gilmore’ might finally be happening! Christopher McDonald, who played the unforgettable villain, Shooter McGavin, revealed that Sandler recently showed him a draft of the long-awaited sequel.

“Yes, yes, yes! It’s true. Absolute truth,” McDonald confirmed during an interview on Audacy’s 92.3 The Fan. “Adam Sandler has been thinking about it, and he has written something.” He added that fans should rally together to make the project a reality.

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While official confirmation from Netflix is pending, sources suggest the sequel could be heading to the streaming giant. Sandler and his production company, Happy Madison Productions (which was named after ‘Happy Gilmore’ and ‘Billy Madison’), already have a lucrative deal with Netflix.

The original ‘Happy Gilmore’ has become a beloved classic, with Sandler playing a failed hockey player who discovers his hidden talent for golf. His outrageous antics and rivalry with the arrogant Shooter McGavin have become legendary. The film also features memorable performances by Julie Bowen, Carl Weathers (who sadly passed away in 2020), and Bob Barker.

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With Sandler’s continued success on Netflix and the enduring popularity of ‘Happy Gilmore’, the time is ripe for a sequel. Fans will undoubtedly be excited to see what kind of trouble Happy gets into on the golf course this time around.

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