Breaking News: Baltimore Police Respond to Incident at Morgan State University

Incident at Morgan

In a sudden turn of events, Baltimore police rushed to Morgan State University on Tuesday night, responding to reports of an active shooter situation that left multiple victims. The incident, initially causing panic, has now been declared as no longer active, and the shelter-in-place order has been lifted.

As per information released by the university, preliminary reports indicated that four individuals were shot on the university grounds. Baltimore City Fire Department Director of Communications, Kevin Cartwright, confirmed this news.

The situation drew the attention of Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott, who was at the university early Wednesday, closely monitoring the ongoing investigation. CNN affiliate WJZ provided footage showing emergency response vehicles surrounding a student dormitory building, with one upper-floor window showing signs of damage.

Both the police and the university, a small historically Black college in northeast Baltimore, had urged students and staff to remain indoors and avoid the affected area. They also advised concerned family members to steer clear of the campus vicinity.

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Meanwhile, ATF Baltimore revealed that its agents were actively assisting the local police in responding to this tragic event.

Morgan State University, with its rich history and approximately 9,000 enrolled students as of Fall 2022, was about to kick off its Homecoming week, a time for alumni and the community to come together for celebratory events, including a pep rally, gala, and parade. Sadly, this incident occurred just days before a scheduled candlelight memorial service meant to honor university members who had passed away in the past year.

At a police news conference held around 1:30 a.m., Commissioner Richard Worley provided an update, stating that the situation was no longer deemed an active shooter event. The shelter-in-place order had been lifted, and normal shuttle services were set to resume. Five victims, aged 18-22, had been quickly located, with four males and one female, all suffering from non-life-threatening injuries. At this time, the suspect remains at large.

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Of the five victims, four were identified as Morgan State students. Concerned family members were urged to report to the Safeway parking lot at 4401 Harford Rd, where a BPD officer would be available to provide information and support.

Students at the university described Tuesday night as the coronation of Miss and Mr. Morgan State University, a popular event during Homecoming week. Tragically, the shooting took place shortly after this event had concluded.

Governor Wes Moore expressed his gratitude for the heroic efforts of the first responders and affirmed that his office was closely monitoring the situation and maintaining contact with officials on campus.

Eyewitnesses recounted the chaos of the evening, with bullets striking windows as people fled the building. It was a harrowing experience for the students, who reported unreliable cellphone signals amid the turmoil.

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