Greggs Stores Hit by Payment Glitch, Some Forced to Close

Greggs Stores Hit by Payment Glitch, Some Forced to Close

Greggs Stores Hit by Payment Glitch, Some Forced to Close: Britain’s largest bakery chain, Greggs, has been forced to temporarily close some stores due to a technical glitch affecting card payments. Customers reported finding branches closed or operating on a cash-only basis.

This latest outage follows similar card payment issues at major retailers like Sainsbury’s and Tesco on Saturday, and McDonald’s last Friday.

Greggs confirmed to the BBC that technical issues had affected tills in some locations. However, the company stated: “The majority of shops affected are now able to take card and cash payments again.” Greggs apologized for the inconvenience and said they expected a full resolution shortly.

Frustrated customers took to social media to express their disappointment, with some unable to purchase their morning coffee or favorite baked goods due to a lack of cash on hand.

One X user commented: “Greggs is cash-only this morning! Sitting here with my coffee and watching almost everyone have to leave empty-handed.”

With over 2,450 stores across the UK, it’s unclear how many Greggs locations were impacted. The BBC confirmed that some stores are operating as normal. Reports indicate issues in major cities like London, Manchester, Cardiff, and Glasgow, though some have now been resolved.

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A Greggs employee in Manchester explained that an error prevented items from displaying on tills Wednesday morning. The store is now open after the till was fixed, but others in the area remain closed awaiting technical support.

Staff in Exeter reported two out of three tills inoperative due to the same error, but they continued to serve customers using the remaining till.

Notices titled “Oh Crumbs!” were posted on the doors of affected stores, including London branches.

This incident marks the latest in a string of technical problems plaguing major UK food brands. Sainsbury’s faced issues with online grocery deliveries and contactless store payments on Saturday due to a software update. Tesco also suffered unrelated technical problems, leading to canceled orders.

McDonald’s locations worldwide experienced a “global technology system outage” the day before, preventing order processing. The timing of these incidents has led to speculation about possible links between the issues.

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Software supply chain expert Ilkka Turunen commented: “Thefact that these issues happened in sequential days… does hint at a common issue. It’s possible the simultaneous glitch at multiple leading UK supermarkets was the result of ongoing outages at a common network or payments infrastructure provider. Equally as likely is an issue at the software level, which for large businesses is a mesh of interdependent systems.”

Greggs fans have jokingly expressed concern on social media, suggesting that an IT outage at their beloved bakery chain is a crisis situation.

Updated Statement from Greggs

Greggs has now resolved the technical issue that affected tills in some of our shops earlier this morning. The majority of shops affected are now able to take card and cash payments again, and we expect the issue to be fully resolved shortly. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused to our customers.”

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