Toxic Reaction at Gurugram Restaurant: Dry Ice Mistaken for Mouth Freshener, Five Discharged After Treatment

Toxic Reaction at Gurugram Restaurant

A distressing incident occurred at a restaurant in Gurugram where five individuals experienced severe discomfort after consuming what they believed to be mouth freshener, which turned out to be dry ice. Following their admission to the hospital, all five have been discharged late Monday night, with their conditions reported to be stable. Meanwhile, the police have apprehended a suspect named Gagandeep in connection with the case, while the restaurant owner remains at large.

The episode unfolded at La Forestta Cafe in Sector 90, Khedki Daula, where Ankit Kumar, accompanied by his wife and friends, had gone to celebrate. After dining, the restaurant staff offered them a mouth freshener, which allegedly triggered their adverse reactions.

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Immediately after consuming the supposed mouth freshener, the individuals began experiencing burning sensations in their mouths, followed by the discharge of blood. Despite their distress, the restaurant management and staff allegedly remained passive spectators. Ankit Kumar promptly alerted the Gurugram Police, leading to the hospitalization of the affected individuals.

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Surendra Shoyran, provided insights into the case, stating that Ankit Kumar, Neha Samarwal, Manika Goenka, Deepak Aroda, and Himani suffered from the consumption of the purported mouth freshener. Upon investigation, it was revealed that the substance offered was dry ice, containing chemical elements that caused the adverse reactions.

Responding to Ankit’s complaint, the Khedki Daula police invoked sections 328 and 120 B of the Indian Penal Code against the restaurant manager, leading to the arrest of Gagandeep Singh, a resident of Kirti Nagar, Delhi, who had been working as a manager at La Forestta Cafe for approximately three months.

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As the investigation progresses, the police are determined to ascertain the supplier of the substance labeled as mouth freshener. Meanwhile, efforts are underway to bring the restaurant owner to justice.

Dry ice, commonly used for cooling purposes, poses health risks if ingested or mishandled. The incident serves as a cautionary tale, highlighting the importance of strict adherence to safety protocols, particularly in food service establishments.

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