Google Celebrates Persian New Year, Nowruz, with Doodle

Google Celebrates Persian New Year, Nowruz, with Doodle

Google Celebrates Persian New Year, Nowruz, with Doodle: Google marked the Persian New Year, Nowruz, on Tuesday with a special Google Doodle. The vibrant artwork by Iranian artist Pendar Yousefi celebrates the arrival of spring and the rich traditions of this ancient festival.

Nowruz, meaning “new day,” is observed by over 300 million people worldwide, particularly in countries with historical ties to the Persian Empire. With roots in Zoroastrianism, it coincides with the spring equinox (March 20th this year) and symbolizes renewal and the start of a new year.

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Celebrations typically last for 13 days and include traditions like cleaning homes, resolving conflicts, exchanging gifts, and preparing special meals. In Iran, the United Nations-recognized International Day of Nowruz falls on March 21st.

Significance of Nowruz

Nowruz has been celebrated for over 3,000 years. It promotes peace, cultural exchange, and respect for nature. While its origins lie in Zoroastrianism, Nowruz is now embraced by people of diverse faiths and backgrounds.

How Nowruz is Celebrated

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Key Nowruz traditions include:

  • Khoone Takoune: Thoroughly cleaning the home to start the year fresh.
  • Growing Sprouts: Symbolizing rebirth and growth.
  • Jumping Over Fire: A ritual to release negativity from the previous year.
  • Haft-Sin Table: A table set with seven symbolic items representing aspects of renewal.
  • Family Gatherings: Feasts and visits with loved ones are central to the holiday.

Nowruz is a joyful time for people of Persian heritage and those who appreciate its message of renewal and hope.

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