Bernie Sanders Prefers AI Over Trump for Presidency

Bernie Sanders Prefers AI

American Senator Bernie Sanders expressed a rather unconventional preference during his recent appearance on “De Avondshow” with Arjen Lubach. In the conversation, Sanders, who was invited to discuss his new book, “It’s Okay to Be Angry at Artificial Intelligence,” made it clear that he’d choose an AI President over Donald Trump any day.

Sanders believes that AI, with its intelligence and rationality, could be a better fit for the highest office in the United States. He finds the notion of an AI leader more appealing than the reality of Donald Trump.

In addition to his thoughts on the presidency, Bernie Sanders shared his fondness for the Netherlands, where he’s currently promoting his book. It’s been two decades since his last visit, primarily due to his busy involvement in presidential elections and Senate work.

During his stay in the Netherlands, Sanders didn’t limit himself to book promotion alone. He engaged in discussions with various individuals, including FNV Chairman Yasmin Ait Abderrahman, politician Frans Timmermans, and journalist Tim Hofman.

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Sanders is keen to advocate for a shorter workweek, aiming for a 32-hour workweek. He firmly believes that the benefits of artificial intelligence should not be confined to CEOs but should extend to workers as well. He has been critical of economic inequality and hopes that the increased productivity brought about by AI will lead to shorter workweeks and improved conditions for all employees.

While Sanders may not be running for the presidency again, he’s not slowing down. Instead of seeking the highest office, he authored a book titled “It is OK to be Angry at Capitalism.” He’s been touring the world to promote his book and share his progressive ideals.

Sanders’s passion for addressing wealth concentration on a global scale and the impact of AI on the job market is evident. He’s concerned about the potential consequences of technology, particularly when it leads to job displacement. He believes that AI should benefit not just the elite but every worker.

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During his time in the Netherlands, Sanders drew attention to the accountability of major oil companies for their contribution to climate change. He called out CEOs in this industry and likened their actions to the tactics used by tobacco industry executives in the past when faced with health concerns.

Despite the rise of right-wing populism in recent years, Sanders understands why many voters have been drawn to figures like Trump. Economic inequality and access to healthcare have created widespread frustration and stress among citizens. Sanders believes that unity around issues like raising the minimum wage is the key to mobilizing disheartened voters.

He is optimistic about the younger generation, recognizing their strong commitment to issues related to climate, economic justice, and social equity. He views them as the driving force behind global activism, and this energy gives him hope for a better future.

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