Vancouver’s Okeya Kyujiro Earns Coveted Michelin Star

Vancouver Michelin star

In a glittering ceremony, the prestigious Michelin Guide has once again illuminated Vancouver’s vibrant restaurant scene, adding a shimmering star to its culinary constellation. The much-coveted Michelin star has been bestowed upon the exquisite Japanese restaurant, Okeya Kyujiro, situated in the heart of Yaletown. This gastronomic gem, led by the gifted Chef Takuya Matsuda, has taken its rightful place among the city’s culinary elite.

A Starry Triumph in Vancouver

For the city of Vancouver, this is a starry triumph, marking the ninth restaurant to earn this prestigious accolade. Okeya Kyujiro’s Executive Chef, Yuki Anai, expressed their sheer joy at this remarkable achievement, a goal they had tirelessly pursued since the restaurant’s inception just one year ago in September.

A Taste of Michelin Glory

The Michelin Guide, known for its discerning palate and meticulous evaluations, has also celebrated five exceptional establishments with the coveted “Bib Gourmand” recognition. These restaurants, known for offering exceptional value without compromising on flavor, have become staples of Vancouver’s gastronomic landscape. The newly anointed Bib Gourmand recipients include Farmer’s Apprentice, Karma Indian Bistro, Motonobu Udon, Seaport City Seafood, and Sushi Hil, joining the ranks of 17 esteemed restaurants in this category.

Celebrating Culinary Excellence

The Michelin Guide’s 2023 Vancouver selections span a range of culinary distinctions, from Michelin stars to the highly-regarded Bib Gourmand and Recommended designations. With a total of 77 distinguished establishments now featured, Vancouver’s culinary landscape has been graced with even more recognition than before.

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New Stars Shine Bright

Among the new stars, Okeya Kyujiro stands out as a beacon of culinary artistry. This Yaletown gem offers a theatrical dining experience, featuring a captivating 20-course menu in an immersive and ceremonial setting, with a price point of $300 per person. The Michelin inspector’s verdict? A truly memorable show from start to finish.

A Delicious Tapestry of Recommendations

The Bib Gourmand designation pays tribute to restaurants like Farmer’s Apprentice, Karma Indian Bistro, Motonobu Udon, Seaport City Seafood, and Sushi Hil, where you can savor extraordinary flavors without breaking the bank.

Meanwhile, 12 other establishments have been recommended by Michelin, signifying their above-average quality while not reaching star status. These include Archer, Bao Bei, Boulevard Kitchen and Oyster Bar, Elisa, Folke, Hānai, Moltaqa, Regal Mansion Cuisine, Sushi Jin, Suyo, Tetsu Sushi Bar, and Wildlight Kitchen and Bar.

Acknowledging Culinary Excellence

During the enchanting event held in Vancouver, special awards were presented to individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the culinary world. Max Curzon-Price of Suyo Peruvian restaurant received the Michelin Exceptional Cocktails Award, while Kelcie Jones of Burdock was honored with the Michelin Sommelier Award. The front-of-house team at Okeya Kyujiro was lauded with the Michelin Outstanding Service Award, and Chef Warren Chow of Wildlight Kitchen and Bar was recognized with the Michelin Young Chef Award.

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Vancouver’s Culinary Renaissance

The Michelin Guide’s presence in Vancouver, now in its second year, has had a profound impact. It has introduced new customers to these exceptional restaurants, attracted tourists from near and far, and even played a role in staff recruitment and retention. Vancouver’s culinary scene, rooted in local, fresh, farm-to-table cuisine, is experiencing a renaissance that is becoming increasingly recognized and celebrated.

The Five-Star Criteria

Michelin restaurants are judged by anonymous inspectors based on five critical criteria: the quality of ingredients, mastery of cooking techniques, the harmony of flavors, the chef’s personality expressed in dishes, and consistency across menus and visits.

The Michelin Guide’s 2023 selections for Vancouver are a testament to the city’s culinary prowess, with these exceptional restaurants shining brighter than ever before.

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