Money Problems Blamed for More Divorces in Malaysia

Money Problems Blamed for More Divorces in Malaysia

An official in Malaysia says rising costs are making it harder for couples to stay married. He says couples are working more to make ends meet, but this means they have less time for each other and their families. This official says the state should study why so many couples are getting divorced so they can help them stay together.

In Selangor, a state in Malaysia, a leader named Fahmi Ngah explained how the high cost of living is causing more Muslim couples to split up. Here’s what he said:

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Fahmi, who oversees Islamic matters, pointed out that when the money coming into a household isn’t enough to pay for everything they need, couples might take on extra jobs to make ends meet. This means they spend less time together as a family, which can lead to problems and, eventually, divorce.

He also mentioned that as Selangor grows quickly and more people move there, it adds to the issue. Even couples who got married outside Selangor but live there now might file for divorce in the state because it’s required by the law.

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To tackle this problem, Fahmi suggested doing a big study to understand why so many couples are splitting up in Selangor. This information could help the government make plans to lower the divorce rate.

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